Ropefellas Projects

Ropefellas Painting Services
Project Work Done Duration Client
Emoyeni Flats Painting of 6 Floor Flat 3 months Framework Properties
Etheleen Court Painting 3 floor Flat   Framework Properties
Goldreich Flat Repairing Leaking Roof   Framework Properties
22 impala Road Randpark Ridge Painting and Bath Renovations 1 month 3 weeks Mr & Mrs Gibson
Waltham Groove Flat 6 Floors Painting (Current) Framework Properties
26 Chesham Road Bryanston Painting Interior and Exterior   Fine & Country Estate
ISA Offices Painting of Toilets and Canteen   Pinewood Office Park Woodmead
Hurlingham Manor Number 9 Painting, Waterproofing and Changing Taps   Fine & Country Estate
13 Valencia Estate Sunninghill Gardens Painting and Waterproofing   Linda Lazarus Properties
Minata Lodge Renovations and Painting 4 Floors Flat   Framework Properties
275 Linden Road Interior and Exterior Painting   Sisulu Foundation
54 Edward Rubenstein Sandton Interior and Exterior Painting   Zodwa Sisulu
Opkins mensions Painting interior and exterior  3 and half months Framework properties
Dale Spiral Automation Systems Waterproofing   Harrogate Projects
Chacely Painting Exterior  1 Month Framework properties

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